Who Am I?

I am a 16-year-old sophomore in high school who, among many other things, loves Bento style meals.

Recently I decided to cut meat out of my life. Previous bentos include a lot of turkey wraps and meat-y leftovers, and back-logged bentos will include these too (if I ever find them in the recesses of my computer). Right now I'm fully committed to this change in lifestyle, though many people don't seem to believe that, and hope to make it permanent.

(Disclaimer: I'm not vegetarian for moral/ethical/environmental reasons. It just clicked for me one day that I didn't look forward to eating meat, in fact I was making up excuses to get myself out of eating meat, because the dishes didn't appeal to me in the least - keeping in mind, my mother is a very good cook ;) ).

In non-food related news, I am spinning on an indoor colorguard team that absorbs my weekends and sometimes bits of my week; working on getting my license sometime between April and June; struggling through courses of Chemistry; Calculus; and the beast that is literature (A Seperate Peace, anyone?); balancing French and Chinese as foreign languages; and getting lost in a sea of college planning.

Bare with me, this should be an interesting time :)