Friday, February 18, 2011

Not my best attempt!

I am quite obviously out of practice...O.o
Contents: breakfast 'pizza' (Pillsbury crescents with egg, cheese, hash brown on top - didn't have any good fresh veggies to put on top, maybe next time), grapes, carrots, goldfish, thin mints and licorice leftover from V-day.

The licorice I gave to my friends, because I remembered that I don't particularly like it, and I still ended up bringing home two strands of it.

Next goal: close those gaps with healthier foods.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return of the Bento

Meatless Meal: Peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff on hot dog roll, salad, grapes and strawberries, pasta salad, leftover chips.

Meatless Meal: Cheese-filled tortelini, strawberries and grapes, granola bar, carrots, rice and sauce.


When I told my mother I had decided to be vegetarian, she was good about it. The other night we made lasagna, and she told me she had planned to make a little meatless portion of it. I was very impressed that she was willing to do that, as I hadn't been expecting much.

However, not five minutes later, she reminded me that we have TUNA in the cupboard, and keeps telling me that I should take it for lunch....



PS - I'm loving the fruit. For V-day, my sister got an edible arrangement, and we're all slowly picking away at it. It's better than anything we've been getting at the store!

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