Monday, August 30, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: Numbers?

I will try and defend this as a numbers-themed muffin tin monday, I promise ;)

  • 1 leftover brownie bite from the cookout yesterday
  • 2 pieces of apple
  • 3 parts of a red beet egg
  • 4 pieces of graham cracker, plus 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes
  • a random cinnamon toast flower with pretzel stick stem and peach leaves (five parts altogether)

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I'll be making bento lunches today, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday is back to school shopping day, and Thursday is the first day of school!


3 days till school!


  1. I totally get it, awesome tins. Happy MTM :)

  2. Makes sense to me! The flower is cute!


  3. Great tin! Love the cinnamon toast flower! :)

  4. Laura, my grandmothetr (born in Alabama 1889) always used to do beet eggs. She particularly liked to do them as deviled eggs, as you get the pretty pink outside, then the whites, then the yellow yolks.

    You said you BUY them? She made hardboiled eggs and then stuck then in a jar with leftover pickled beet egg juice. Any difference in what you get?

  5. I do buy them at the local market, but I really don't know if there's any difference. I haven't tried making them on my own yet.

    The ones I get are pink through and through though - no white left, even the yolks come out dyed at least on the outside.

  6. I love the face and flowers. What a great tin!