Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Going back to school after a five day weekend (the fifth day being an unplanned snow day) is not fun. What is fun? Lunch.

Contents: Salad underneath Red Beet eggs and part of a veggie egg roll we discovered at the grocery store (pack of 5 to bake), a layer of leftover mac&cheese, a cup of pears. Soup on the side in a thermos.

Question: is it just my thermos, or is there a trick to keeping things warm inside? (Or are my expectations too high?)



Linked to What's for Lunch Wednesday.

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  1. For your thermos, I think you need to pre-heat it. I add boiling water to mine and put the lid on and then after about 5-10 minutes (10 is best I think) pour out the water (dry if desired) and add warmed food. I do this for my kids lunches, mostly pastas and they never complain that its cold. Hope that helps for you.