Tuesday, May 17, 2011

warning: not pretty!

Aw man. A better person would be able to pack with half a kitchen. I, however, can simply manage this:

So, not the usual, but still good!

Ceasar salad with broccoli, strawberries and the last market apple.

In other, more disgusting news, I opened my lunchbox after school today to take out the containers and do the usual cleaning, and there was a BUG in it.

Whaaaat?! I am not a bug person. This is what men are for, isn't it? Anyway, I think I screamed like a four year old and then just ran away.

It was kind of scary, it wasn't like a tiny little one or anything either. It was kind of the shape of a lightning bug/firefly but BIGGER and BLACK. Creepy crawly.

How did it get in there anyway?!?

I'm not a bug person. (in case you couldn't tell)



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