Monday, August 8, 2011

100th post

Well, this is anti-climactic. I had hoped for a little more excitement for the hundredth post, but here it is, an update.
I haven't been doing anything ornate in the way of meals since schol ended. Instead, I got busy searching for a job (still searching, unfortunately), making sure to stay in touch with friends, enjoying a little bit of freedom as I get a little older (my birthday is just around the corner...), and traveling to either side of the state with some of my favorite colorguard people.
Speaking of colorguard people, it's that time again; High School Colorguard season. We've had 12 really great 3 hour practices so far, with a LOT of sore limbs and a few bumps on the head.
Now, I've got one free week to get ready for school and enjoy my last free week of summer with friends, then two weeks of some seriously exhausting band camp, and then high school. It feels like I just walked out of that place....
I think going from one season of colorguard to the other and just keeping up with it has definitely put me in better shape than I would typically begin the school year, even if some of my eating habits have slipped into 'whatever's easiest' (nuclear orange Kraft mac&cheese after practice, anyone?).
So, it's time to get back in the habit. I've already planned one entire week of packed lunches for camp (my plans usually go awry and end up COMPLETELY different, but hopefully this makes it slightly less hectic to begin with!).
See you next week!

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