Monday, September 27, 2010

leftover dayyyy

Last week was a lazy lunch week, because it was homecominggg :) I'm wishing I would have tried to do a lunch to match spirit days (mismatch monday, nerd day, clown day, school colors day, and class color day), but it was one insaaaane week, what with being sick and getting ready for the big homecoming game (we lost 40 to 0. Yes, forty to ZERO.) and dance.*

Today's lunch wasn't much better. I need to get back to planning. When I get lazy, I stop using my skinny box because it's so much harder to make 'cute' or interesting.

Without further ado...
A little slice of leftover stromboli. They were on sale at the grocery store yesterday, all you have to do is bake them! So easy, so good, so bad for you :) surrounded by salad with grocery store pasta, fish crackers, strawberries, and graham crackers.


*I know this isn't about bento! But on a side note...a group of us went out to dinner before the homecoming dance, and it was amazing.

Eight of us went to this Japanese place called Fujihana, and it's one of those restaurants where they cook right at your table, so it's basically like dinner and a show ;)

The food was great, our chef was great, it was so much fun and I would love to go back sometime! I wish I had taken more pictures while we were there, but I think most of the ones we snapped were of the guys making funny faces and singing.

One of our friends didn't get any of the chef's puns until the end of the night, but they were making Family Guy references in the car all the way to the dance. That just goes to show you exactly how boys' minds work....

This anecdote completely lost sight of all relevancy.


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