Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excuse me while I cough up this lung.

Well, I've caught the cold everyone at school has been flinging around. What's my prize? Being sick.

However, there's no better time than when you're sitting in bed crying out 'woe is me' to update tha blog. ;)

Here's a lunch from...Monday. I think.

I'd been feeling icky since last Thursday, thus the abundance of turkey wraps/sandwiches and pasta (comfort fooooddddd) plus a chocolate chip cookie just for kicks.

  • turkey wrap
  • grocery store-bought pasta salad
  • grapes and strawberries
  • goldfish, red beet egg, cookie.

Not too shabby, I suppose.

Getting whacked with the sick stick did not throw off my sense of time, so since it is wednesday, this can be my What's For Lunch Wednesday post.

Go see all the other lunches here!


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