Friday, March 11, 2011

It's not You, It's Me.

I had a picture for today. But it was ugly. I knew it was ugly when I took it, but with an optomistic thought I snapped the picture and left for school. I tried using my skinny bento container again, which I never got the hang of using.

The problem is a lot of times I see bento where everything's spilling over the top of the container... how do you then close the container and carry off to work/school/etc??

Is it the container I'm using, or is it me? I can't seem to get everything to fit. I put a red beet egg in the taller section, and still had to squish it just to get the lid closed. And then since the container is held together by straps/bands, it doesn't close well and I feel disappointed to find it coming apart by the time I open my lunch box.

I wanted to get a new container to see if it would help, maybe something a teeny bit bigger until I know what I'm doing, but I think maybe it's just me??

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