Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Bento Box!

No food in this post, sorry.

Today the bento box that I ordered from Jlist came, all wrapped up in Japanese newspaper! I wasn't expecting to get it until sometime next week, as their site says shipping can take 2-5 weeks, but it arrived 12 days after they shipped it all the way from Japan, 16 days total from the day I ordered it.

Of course I snapped some pictures, and I'm actually holding the items in a few of them just to show size and proportion.
First impression: WHOA. It's tiny. I know it holds 510 ml, which is basically the same as the tupperware I started with originally...but WOW. I guess the trick is just to pack tightly, and take dense foods. I can see a lot more pasta/rice in my future (not hard for the girl who loves carbs). Any similar experiences?
I also got 3 cute little snack boxes, which will come in handy. I recently found out that while I have to leave my house around 7:15 in order to get to school, I don't eat lunch until 12:45, and I'm definitely not used to going that long between meals!
The next week or so will give me just enough time to play around with these before the start of the school year :)

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