Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I found one picture leftover from the end of last week that somehow got lost in transit...(my computer is in the shop, so I'm a little out of my element on someone else's) and I also have one for today's band camp.

Last week's bento:

  • little ham and cheese flower sandwiches
  • potato 'chips' (cut/baked them myself, didn't get very crispy but were still good)
  • salad with carrot and red beet egg
  • some goldfish and apple

Band Camp Bento:


  • bisquick biscuits with cheddar and a slice of pepperoni. The cheddar was heart shaped too, but I microwaved them to make the cheddar stick, and it lost shape.
  • salad and grapes
  • red beet egg, apple, soft pretzel bites.

The camp bento took me about fifteen minutes, with prep the night before (cutting the cheddar and pepperoni and putting them with the biscuits), and it's actually one of my favorites. Maybe because all the cheese and pepperoni is so bad for me! ;)

Or because it actually somewhat resembles a bento lunch for once! Either way, this is going to be my link over on What's for Lunch Wednesday! :)

2 days of band camp down, 7 more (and 7 lunches!) to go.



  1. These are both great bentos! And a little bit of fat from cheese and pepperoni isn't bad, as long as the rest of your lunch is balanced, which it looks like this one is. Good job, Laura!