Friday, September 10, 2010

Fruit, fruit, fruit

Late post! I haven't been home since I left for school this morning about 14 hours ago because there was a football game tonight! We lost 31 to 8. Ugh. And on top of that, the band was playing like a hot mess, so the color guard looked like a hot wasn't a good night! But we did get walking tacos at the snack bar, because you basically have to eat junk at a football game ;)

Anyway, since that has nothing to do with bento, here's my lunch from today:

pancakes leftover from dinner, turkey roll ups, broccoli with some cheddar

grapes, apple, strawberries

We were surprised the strawberries stayed this good so long...we normally get fruit from the market, and it gets ruined within the first 4-5 days, but since I'm in school we don't go to the market anymore and the strawberries from the grocery store have been perfect since last Sunday....Even if they are more expensive.


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