Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Giraffe with the Broken Neck

Only semi-literally.

Lately I've seen a couple of cute bentos with shapes...but I'm not much for decorating, or free-handing the shapes I don't have in cookie cutters.

But giraffes kept popping up (is that how you make giraffe plural?) so I just thought, what the heck? even if it's not great.

And it wasn't! I wish I would have decorated it better, and between cutting the shapes last night and putting my lunch together this morning the giraffe's neck broke! Ouch. Anyway, final result:
Excuse the bad picture!
Top: Grilled Chicken/lettuce wrap with the cheese giraffe on top, broccoli, red beet egg, checkered apple.
Middle: grapes
Bottom: the other half of the wrap with a slice of strawberry, sliced grapes, salad

A little up close of the giraffe:

So. I don't think shapes are 'my thing.' Maybe I'll just practice! (or get more cookie cutters ;) )

My friends think it's weird that I eat 'healthy' (most of them were having the school offered Domino's pizza today, and trying to dab off the extra grease with napkins. no thanks.) so tomorrow I'm taking morningstar 'chicken' nuggets and a little surprise, for me :)

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