Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Faux School Lunch Bento

In response to the '...why do you eat so healthy?' questions from friends, I decided to make some typical school lunch type foods. Of course, school would never get the budget for chickenless 'chicken' nuggets, but still. A girl can dream.

So this is my 'let's cheat and have chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and tater tots all in one meal!' bento.

Top: Salad with tater tots (HOLY COW TATER TOTS!)

Bottom: 'Chicken' Nuggets (Morningstar), carrot sticks, broccoli and red beet egg, mac n cheese

I was SO excited when Ore-Ida frozen food was on sale this week at the store, because I have been dying to get my hands on these 'ABC' tater tots. I had dreams of spelling out my name, making an ABC school-themed bento.... But there was only one letter A in the whole bag. Just one. I had to use an upside down V for the other A in my name.

And THEN, I got my tots out of the fridge this morning to put my lunch together (after baking all five letters last night) and found that my R was missing. I was flabbergasted, but had plenty of time to make another....Except there were no more letter Rs in the bag! So I made a B quickly and cut it into 'R' shape.

There are about three Qs, some Zs and Xs...but only one A and one R?

Now I have no clue what words I'm going to make...I could do XYZ instead of ABC :P


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  1. I love it!

    I always hated when I was a kid, I could never spell Shannon out of anything. There were never enough Ns!

  2. These are sooooo cool! I didn't even notice the V. I like the long, skinny boxes because you can sandwich a lot of small things in groups in there. Please, please, please keep updating in 2011. :)