Thursday, August 5, 2010


I made a nice bento for dinner (band camp!) but was in such a rush out the door after a hectic day that I forgot to take a picture of it!!

Let me tell you. After being outside spinning a flag for 2 hours, it TASTED just as good as I think it looked :)
So, here's an old-ish bento pic I'm not completely fond of:

But MAN I do love me some turkey wrap. I think it's the mayonnaise, which I know is bad. But I love it anyway.

Anyway, in this sloppy sloppy bento:

  • Turkey/Mayo/Romaine/Swiss wrap. I just pick the leafy romaine pieces out of a bag of salad we have, because iceberg doesn't taste good in a wrap (AND has little or no nutritional value that I know of)
  • Leftover baby ear of corn on the cob!*
  • Hash Browns! When I don't feel like rice, I have these instead. I doctor 'em up with seasonings so I'm not using a ton of salt.
  • pretzels and baby animal crackers

*My dad works with a woman who has a small farm, and she was selling them $3/dozen - which seemed like an okay price until we started husking them. Some had been ruined by bugs (EW) some were too sparse to be worth anything, and the rest were all short and small. Of course, I exclaimed in delight at the 'short and small' because of course my mind was screaming 'BENTO MATERIALLLLL!"

(Today my mother mentioned that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and my response was 'Good. I can use all the extra turkey in my lunches.')


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