Saturday, August 7, 2010

"What IS that?"

I made this bento when my mom and sister were in the kitchen, and when I sat down with the final project, I got two blank stares. (My sister likes to snort obviously as she passes me in the kitchen when I'm making a bento-lunch, and I have to admit the halfway point does look pretty ridiculous.)

Maybe it was the blue rice :)

This lunch:
  • Rice
  • Little Tuna rectangles (they came out uneven)
  • Veggie sticks, carrot sticks, grapes, animal crackers.

Pretty standard for me. I'm not really a 'cute' packer (understatement of the century) and right now I'm not even a good packer, really....Maybe the cute will come out in the future.



  1. It's ok. My family says the same thing to me.
    They laugh even more then I take a picture of my food. :/

    I've been posting over in bentolunch. I think your food is really good-looking for having just started!!

  2. Thanks! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a chuckle when I have to snap a pic of my lunchboxes every morning :)